Thursday, 2 December 2010

Snow Day!

Things decided to stop working all that well in London because of the snow. I'm pretty sure all Dulwichites would be in trouble if anything serious really hit, as there aren't many ways to get out of the town as it is, and even less so when the bad weather hits. This did, however, equal one good thing for me, a snow day.

I will refrain from writing about the flying egg incident of the day, as that is still a (literally, in the case of my head) sore subject. Instead, here are a few pictures

Early morning snow from the Bedroom window

Yes, we're meant to be upside down, kind of

Home James
I'll post more tomorrow when I'm done with them. I also found out tonight, that some pictures of me have made it into my friends photography book, which is pretty darn cool. Not sure if I can post about it yet or not, but when I find out, I'll post more info.
Right now though, my bed and the amazing duvet warmth beckons.
Goodnight x

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  1. I especially like the one of the trees, and the one of the church.