Friday, 4 March 2011

And Just a Little More

I've finally started uploading to my Flickr account as well. About damn time, but i've never been very good at doing things straight away. Procrastination in my best friend and my worst enemy. Although I wasn't the one to start a Facebook Group to do with that exact subject, so I can't be all bad. That honour goes to my friend Victoria, who despite all the procrastination, is still doing very well in uni. The same can not be said for me, and that's exactly why I'm rewriting one of my final exams in May.

But anyway, enough of that, what I really came here to say is here, this is my Flickr:

Hailey Jean Flickr

I seem to have lost a whole thing of discs that have the majority of my photos on them, so really hoping they turn up soon other wise I'm slightly screwed. Please please please magically appear!
In other great news, I sold two photos from my Folksy store. Thank you Grayness for being my first customer. Hopefully you won't be the last!

And lastly, two photo's from my recent edit session

There are a few more online, and I'll hopefully be adding more tomorrow, as long as I don't get distracted by Procrastinators United

Goodnight x