Tuesday, 21 December 2010

A Few Steps Further

I told my friend Max that I would post this ages ago, and I'm only finally getting round to it.
After reading this and seeing my feet pictures, he decided to take one of his own, and here it is

Sorry it took me so long to post it Mr Coppoletta, I'm a slacker, what can I say?
My feet on the other hand, have been getting around a little. Mostly, they've been at work, although only until tomorrow at around 12.30, at which time I will be free for almost 2 weeks of lovely Christmas holiday.
Because of all the snow and ice, I, like many other people, have to wear big boots for the commute to work. Once there, I of course need to change into more acceptable shoes, and being too cold to remove my socks, this is generally what I end up looking like

Real Professional
When not wearing silly socks at work, I've also been down to Southampton, taking pictures at a mini Stoner Rock Fest that happened at Talking Heads on Saturday. Photos of that will be coming soon. As well as some paper cranes that I have been making and taking pictures of for a friends upcoming exhibition.

For now though, just Southampton snow feet

I promise to try make the next blog slightly more exciting than just feet.


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