Sunday, 5 December 2010

Shameless Self Promotion

Just a quick one tonight, as I'm more than halfway through V For Vendetta, and that plus getting under the duvet is more appealing than pretty much anything else right now. Well, almost anything else, a few things could be added or taken away...

Anyway, back to topic, two things to share. Firstly, a photo of Kevin and I that I took was recently featured in Vixxen magazine as the main full page picture for 'To Write Love On Her Arms', an annual initiative that aims to draw attention to self harm and young suicide. If you haven't seen or heard of Vixxen before, you should check it out, a great alternative online magazine run by some awesome ladies back in S.A. Here's the link to the latest issue (and our pic is on pg 77)

Vixxen Magazine

A couple of months ago I also had a photo in there of Paul-Ronney Angel from Urban Voodoo Machine, a fantastic crazy London based band. They're touring Europe at the moment, and can only get bigger. Find them on Facebook, Myspace or visiting your mother.

The second thing is a friend and brilliant photographer, Jemma has just finished her book for Uni. Having shot with her before, I jumped at the chance to help her out with this project, and the results are awesome, She's so talented. The book is now for sale here:

Curve - A Study

And just one picture for the road, one of my favourite from a recent wander round the streets impromptu shoot, unedited though.

I think that's all for now, V awaits. Goodnight


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