Friday, 3 December 2010

Santa Baby

I'm doing quite well with this posting thing, although have yet to reach my first target of a week without getting slack and missing days. I've actually managed to take at least one photo everyday so far as well, which, yes, I know, is only 3 days, but still.
Today was a festive one. Being slightly Bah Humbug about the whole Christmas thing, it's difficult to muster the excitement needed for festive frolicking, but I strapped on my Santa Hat and got merry with the rest of them. Cue Christmas Carol radio, complete with American JC Penney adverts (it was all I could find on the internet) and a fake roaring fire. These 3 did help get the spirits up despite horrible weather and broken down trains

With all the end of term happiness though, it did make me quite grumpy to remember that I do in fact, have to go back to work n Monday and carry on as normal, even though the students aren't there. Rubbish. Only a couple more weeks though, and then I am free for 12 days. Bliss!
To finish off, a few more pictures from yesterday.


Part of the Prince Albert Memorial

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  1. I hope your 12 days get here more quickly than expected. :)