Sunday, 6 February 2011

Grump Grump Grump

Being in the worst mood ever for no apparent reason today, I thought I may as well channel that energy into something other than fighting with the innocent people (or person, sorry K) around me. So I'm writing a blog.

The only new pictures I've taken recently, were self portraits as I discovered a lamp that works quite well for such things. They're nothing special, just really trying out different angles, so this is one where the light worked quite nicely

Other than me looking slightly wide eyed and serious, it came out ok.

I also edited some older pictures, from The Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, that ran over Christmas last year. My brother, sister in law and kids came up for the day and we had a little wander

My Brother. His face doesn't always look like this

Jamie's Gingerbread

Nathan, one of the rare photo's I got that day


So serious

Best listen

The many faces of...
I've also been setting up my shop on Folksy so should hopefully have some stuff up on there to sell soon. Will post the link when I do.

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